An Old Attempt For Globalize Comcomism In One Ltd Company

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Contact us using this form and optionally by using this public key. Using public key is easy (try gpg4win or kgpg) and it is easy to communicate anonymously (try tor).


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Now, anyone can - organizers, members in any amount and in so many ways!

In small groups and for any amount; You can take your sit in this silence revolution; The comcomism is yours and so you can make the ComComiSm LTD (the @C)! All is now, at least for a try - Welcome!1

All the organizations here are of 20-100 members - no less and no more!2

Each such organization is (to become) a comcom of which d=1 (meaning all its members invest equally in it) as the organization is (to become) a p-holder (arbitrarily) investing in the ComComIsm LTD (the @C) owning and investing in the fields related to the comcomism as a whole.

The share (H) of @C, which is given in return to the investment in @C, is negotiable in the free market. This means that the price of @C is a dynamic one.

All such investments together shall mount up no more than 20% of @C.

When your organization is ready to make its negotiation with (@C) for buying its (p-holding) share in the (@C), then the negotiation will apply for

  • the price I (of investment) in return to
  • the parentage H (the parentage of its holding in @C).

For more see here (@I the invest page).

This way, we can and we are making the @C to be kept independent in all this investment way, while the organizations are (to be) independently, freely and discretely developed as comcom of which d=1.

When people want and only with whom they want, they can now organize in small groups (of 20 to 100 members). Each such group is a comcom of which d=1 intended, when desired, to be organized for investment, which can be small or big as they wish.

For realizing this, you as a c-holder in your comcom, would also need to sign this personal agreement with the members of your organization (.. and please try read it and even comment on it for fully understanding what comcomism is). After signing it you can become one of its members owning it by equally investing in it:

  • but only in one of such n organizations, in each of which the number of members is limited to be between 20 up-to 100
  • and only after being accepted to it by its existing members.

Join one of the N organizations:

I want to be a member in this selected organization and only in that, since i want to be a c-holder in it, when the organization will become a real comcom investing as a p-holder in the comcomism ltd:
My Email
The Organization I want to be a member of:

have any question or other request? please try this:

Your email
Your request

Creating a group

for doing this please first check for your account in wikidot this is free.

This site's pages (found on the left menu) are made by this site's creators of organizations (the organizer of the organization). The relationship (including the payment methods3) between the members and organizer are made by email, where each organization has here only one page and the organizer can start create the group to be organized as such comcom by using only this one line.

Create a new organization N:

I want create a new organization, for letting its member becoming c-holders in it, so that when the organization will become a real comcom of which d=1 and provided being approved it would be able to be investing as a p-holder in the comcomism ltd.
My Email
This alone can also be used for payment see footnotes, where the payment method can even be by only providing email.
My wikidot user name
You would have to be registered in wikidot for creating only one page in this site and by this page letting the members of the organization you created to fill the form for you to receive its content via the email address you use for your wikidot account.
Name of the organization
2 to 50 characters of only letters and numbers underscores, hyphens and spaces
Tags identifying the organization
Coma separated Tags
Description of the organization
free Description in 500 characters

Page Creators, Hello:

Only this site's members are its page creators, each can create only one page linked from @I, hence the page creator here is the creator of one organization N. As a creator and for collecting the emails of the members of the organization, please copy this line:

[[include j:j org=X | me=Y | n=N | description=D]]

and replace

the X with the name of the organization
the Y with your wikidot user name
the N is the number in the table and
the D is the description of your organization.

Thanks and Good Time and Good Luck.

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