Invest In One Of The N Comcom Organizations Which Are P Holders In The Comcomism Ltd

Welcome - you and your organization. You can more impact your organization
when you are organized as equal and free owners - you act better for your common causes!!!

Have me in?Y, but only when i have my wayout!

That is all what the comcomism is about!!!
…Here In small groups and in any amount we Invest1 in the comcomism as a whole and/or our specif group…

Here you can find, or call to be found by, your preferred and equal partners in holding as c-holders such comcomized organization or create new, or join your organization.

In shout, in this site you can find with whom you can equally invest for realizing one or more of both:

For this, you would also need to sign (with the members of your organization) this personal agreement (.. and please try read it for fully understanding what comcomism is) and then

  • by equally investing in only one of such n organizations and only after being accepted to it by its members, you can become one of its members owning it,
    • where the number (c) of the members is limited to be between 20 up-to 100
  • and such that when the organization is ready for its negotiation with the comcomism ltd for buying its (p-holding) share in the comcomism ltd,
    • then the negotiation will apply for the price I (of investment) in return to the parentage H (the parentage of holding in comcomism ltd).

All the organizations in the table below2 are intended to be, or already are, comcom of which d=1 (i.e. belonging only to equal owners —> one member - one vote).
We assume that somewhat sometime they will be also investing as p-holders (i.e. as non-equal investors) their share in the ComComIsm LTD the @C.

This table is for you to chose your organization out of these N comcom organizations, where:

  • H is the percent in the @C which is (to be) held by such organization being a comcom in-return to
  • I being the investment of the organization , of which
    • Date is of the time of the actual investing in @C,
    • d =1,
    • C is the number of members in the organization, of which each (is to) invest V,
      • where C is limited to be 20<=C<=100
    • and each of the tags is one world description of the organization.

Want to JOIN by creating YOUR position in the ComComIsm?

Time to try the!

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